3 Dimentional media
Kaanwads, sanitary napkins, pop up story books and others.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel!

The traditional Kaanwad of Southern Rajasthan. A wooden box with many sets of doors that open out, each surface on the box originally had paintings of local legends. The Kaawadiya or storyteller moved from village to village with this box narrating stories of local heros. The same product was used to Communicate for Sexuality issues.


Developed during the MacArthur FLD Fellowship Project: 2002.

The Kaanwad communicates information sensitively, step by step in layers. "Physical and emotional stages in adolescence" was designed in the following way: the outer doors show clothed figures of a girl and boy, the inner doors show unclothed figures. The inner doors detail the stages in which the body develops and the internal organs.

The Kaanwad has also been used to communicate for contraception. The Kaanvad can be used in small groups or in a large classroom or at a clinic/hospital consultancy room.



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